Consulting Services (for instance Relationships with Addicted Employees)

Since addiction, especially alcoholism, is officially recognized as a disease, the employer has a special obligation to observe the well-being of his addicted employees.

A number of important companies as well as various communities and authorities (Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Münchner Stadtwerke, the Berlin Police, among others) have identified this problem area long ago (the »short-term« absences are 16.5 times higher, less work gets done, loss of image etc.). Therefore, they have implemented special work council agreements, in accordance with the organizations’ structure and philosophy.

My long experience and additional qualification in the area of addiction medicine allows me to offer counseling regarding the development of concepts as well as during implementation (information campaign, training of personnel, training of labor union liaison personnel, visit to the company etc.) and continuous support of the works’ council agreement (case-to-case supervision, regular repetition of the information campaign etc.).

The fee is calculated according to a daily rate, or according to a total fee for the concept development, implementation and continuous support of the work council agreement.

Individual and Team-Coaching

I offer a number of supporting techniques for the development of teams and individual personalities (private conversation mediation, external counseling conversations in order to find resources and to improve communication, team support, motivation development etc.).

Especially for the work with individuals, the possibility to hold all conversations under medical secrecy has proven to contribute substantially to creating an atmosphere of trust and confidence.

Every employee can clearly see here that the employer is interested in an individual support of his employers, as well as in the discovery of resources. The objective is the improvement of horizontal and vertical communication channels in order to allow the individual to articulate his ambition and motivation, so that the development of teams and individuals within the company are supported.

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